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Glass Ointment Jars

Glass Ointment Jars In Clear And Amber

Amber and clear glass ointment jars
Our glass ointment jars come in either clear and amber colours to suit your brand. They are suitable for many products, particularly pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies and beauty lotions. The jars come with a range of compatible lids, giving products a professional look.

Available sizes
The jars come in the following sizes: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 200ml, 250ml and 500ml.

The clear glass jars offer maximum product visibility, perfect for showcasing the beauty of your creams and lotions, whilst the amber jars protect products from UV light and give off a traditional pharmaceutical look.

500ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 100mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

A quality look 500ml amber ointment jar (may look more like black with the cap on). The 100mm screw lid that comes with this jar is black, with a lining that offers a tighter seal to protect your product. The materials used to produce the black urea caps (EPE or PVDC) are free from Bisphenol A.

The jar is ideal for ointments, pharmaceutical products, beauty creams, cosmetics, powders and much more.
500ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 100mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 1SPK500ointmentAmBlx1 4.38
Qty: 24SPK500ointmentAmBlx24 97.70
Qty: 48SPK500ointmentAmBlx48 185.38
Qty: 96SPK500ointmentAmBlx96 350.71
Qty: 240SPK500ointmentAmBlx240 826.69
Qty: 480SPK500ointmentAmBlx480 1553.17
Qty: 672SPK500ointmentAmBlx672 2104.30
Qty: 1008SPK500ointmentAmBlx1008 2946.01

500ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 100mm R3 Black Urea Screw Cap (Best Price)

Best Price... Heavy 500ml Amber glass ointment jar comes with 100mm black screw top Urea cap. Cap has an inner liner, helping to prevent leakage, whilst helping to prolong the shelf-life of the product within.

A classic ointment style glass jar, suitable for a range of products, including healthcare, aromatherapy and beauty products.
500ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 100mm R3 Black Urea Screw Cap (Best Price)
Qty: 2016500AOintmentBUreaBPx2016 4891.86

500ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 100mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap

Chunky amber glass ointment jar, 500ml capacity comes with EPE lined brushed aluminium screw top lid.

Perfect for your herbal creations, lotions, scrubs, all your bath and and body products.
500ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 100mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix1 4.20
Qty: 24G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix24 93.56
Qty: 48G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix48 177.52
Qty: 96G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix96 335.85
Qty: 240G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix240 791.65
Qty: 480G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix480 1487.35
Qty: 672G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix672 2015.12
Qty: 1008G500MLAJAR-100R3Alix1008 2921.92

38mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap

Brushed aluminium 38mm (R3) screw top lid. EPE lined helping preserve freshness and reducing leakage.

Compatible with many of our plastic and metal jars.
38mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 138mmAlumR3x1 0.27
Qty: 2538mmAlumR3x25 6.37
Qty: 5038mmAlumR3x50 12.44
Qty: 10038mmAlumR3x100 23.64
Qty: 25038mmAlumR3x250 55.98
Qty: 50038mmAlumR3x500 105.74
Qty: 100038mmAlumR3x1000 199.05

51mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

Premium looking closure. 51mm (R3) black urea screw on cap, with a PVDC liner to preserve product freshness and help prevent leakage. The materials used to produce the lid's liner are free from Bisphenol A.

Fits our screw top glass jars with a 51mm neck.

1300 caps per box
51mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 151mmr3x1 0.36
Qty: 2551mmr3x25 8.67
Qty: 5051mmr3x50 16.93
Qty: 10051mmr3x100 32.17
Qty: 25051mmr3x250 76.19
Qty: 50051mmr3x500 143.91
Qty: 100051mmr3x1000 270.87
Qty: 130051mmr3x1300 297.11

51mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap

51mm (R3) aluminium cap EPE lined prevent leakage whilst preserving freshness.

Compatible with a range of our plastic and glass jars.
51mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 151mmr3alcapx1 0.36
Qty: 2551mmr3alcapx25 8.48
Qty: 5051mmr3alcapx50 16.55
Qty: 10051mmr3alcapx100 31.44
Qty: 25051mmr3alcapx250 74.48
Qty: 50051mmr3alcapx500 140.66
Qty: 100051mmr3alcapx1000 264.79

58mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap

58mm screw top lid in brushed aluminium, comes with EPE liner, ensures your product stays free from contamination from the aluminium. Helps preserve freshness and prevents leakage too.

Compatible with several of our glass and plastic screw top jars.
58mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 158mmalcapx1 0.37
Qty: 2558mmalcapx25 8.87
Qty: 5058mmalcapx50 17.31
Qty: 10058mmalcapx100 32.89
Qty: 25058mmalcapx250 77.90
Qty: 50058mmalcapx500 147.13
Qty: 100058mmalcapx1000 276.96

83mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Lid

83mm brushed aluminium screw cap with EPE liner, ensuring your product doesn't come into contact with the aluminium, while preventing leakage, preserving freshness and prolonging the shelf life of your product.

Compatible with both our glass and plastic jars.
83mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Lid
Qty: 183mmR3AlumCapx1 0.68
Qty: 2583mmR3AlumCapx25 16.10
Qty: 5083mmR3AlumCapx50 30.50
Qty: 10083mmR3AlumCapx100 57.60
Qty: 25083mmR3AlumCapx250 139.77
Qty: 50083mmR3AlumCapx500 271.06
Qty: 100083mmR3AlumCapx1000 525.19
Qty: 250083mmR3AlumCapx2500 1270.62

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