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15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur) & 38mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

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15ml Glass Simplicity Jar

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Capacity 15ml
Cap size 38mm
Weight 44g
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Height without Cap 34mm
Height with Cap 36mm
Diameter 40mm
Pallet Quantity 10800

15ml clear glass 'Simplicity' ointment jar complete with black R3 urea twist off cap. The cap comes complete with an EPE lining which offers additional protection and lasting freshness for your products. A small jar ideal for traveling.

Qty: 1G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx1 0.38
Qty: 25G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx25 9.01
Qty: 50G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx50 17.14
Qty: 100G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx100 32.53
Qty: 250G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx250 76.93
Qty: 500G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx500 145.07
Qty: 1000G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx1000 281.34
Qty: 2700G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx2700 712.15
Qty: 5400G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx5400 1376.83
Qty: 10800G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx10800 2563.75

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