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125ml Clear Glass Food Jar & 58mm Silver Twist Off Lid

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125ml Glass Jar with lid

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Capacity 125ml
Cap size 58mm
Cap Type Silver twist-off lid with rubber lining
Weight 109g
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Height without cap 60mm
Width 61mm

125ml glass jar, complete with brushed look silver twist off lid (rubber lined to ensure freshness)

A straight sided, modern looking jar. Suitable for a host of products and foodstuffs.

Perfect for spices, mustards, jams and preserves.

Qty: 1125CGJ58SilTwx1 0.48
Qty: 25125CGJ58SilTwx25 11.37
Qty: 50125CGJ58SilTwx50 21.54
Qty: 117125CGJ58SilTwx117 47.60
Qty: 234125CGJ58SilTwx234 92.41
Qty: 468125CGJ58SilTwx468 179.22
Qty: 585125CGJ58SilTwx585 210.02
Qty: 1053125CGJ58SilTwx1053 365.44
Qty: 2106125CGJ58SilTwx2106 705.69
Qty: 4462125CGJ58SilTwx4662 1441.75

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