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Glass Bottles - The Simplicity Range

Small glass bottles

Slim clear glass 'Simplicity' bottles
Despite being called 'Simplicity' bottles, this range of strong, slim clear glass bottles offer a stylish, quality appearance for a wide range of products - proving that, when it comes to packaging, less can be more.

Glass Simplicity bottles provide a professional packaging solution at an affordable price. They are suitable for: cosmetic lotions, facial cleansers and toners, aftershaves, hair serums, aromatherapy oils, bath oils, perfumes, room fragrances, inks, dyes, food colourings and many other products.

Glass Simplicity bottles are available in the following sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml.

Product idea
Use our matt-finish silver diffuser cap (including travel plug) with our Simplicity bottles, to make the perfect fragrance diffusers. Simply add your favourite scented oils and reeds.

250ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle & 24mm Natural Mini Trigger Spray

250ml slim clear glass bottle with natural trigger spray cap. A simple, stylish glass bottle offering a clean look.

Refillable and ideal for use in hair and beauty salons, for hair styling sprays and conditioning serums, aromatherapy sprays and moisturising hand and body sprays.

The trigger spray head has a standard length dip tube, which will need to be trimmed to length to fit in the bottle.
250ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle & 24mm Natural Mini Trigger Spray
Qty: 1G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx1 2.24
Qty: 15G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx15 31.99
Qty: 35G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx35 70.98
Qty: 70G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx70 134.69
Qty: 140G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx140 254.82
Qty: 280G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx280 480.51
Qty: 560G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx560 902.78
Qty: 875G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx875 1319.59
Qty: 1750G250MLSIMP24NMiTrigx1750 2457.17

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