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50ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap

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50ml Glass Cosmetic Bottle

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Bottle heightBottle height Incl. Cap
Product Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle
Capacity 50ml
Weight 88g
Closure Type 24mm Screw top - Black
Neck 24mm
Diameter 40.5mm
Bottle body Height 69mm

Clear glass simplicity bottle with a 50ml capacity. The bottle comes complete with a black 24mm screw on lid. The lid is wadded to ensure there is no leakage and the contents is kept fresh.

Enhance the beauty of the product within with this quality glass bottle, ideal for storing a range of cosmetics, hand lotions, creams and essential oils etc.

Qty: 1G50MLSIMP24BCx1 0.78
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP24BCx25 19.13
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP24BCx50 37.36
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP24BCx100 71.07
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP24BCx144 97.09
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP24BCx288 183.68
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP24BCx576 346.37
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP24BCx1152 650.76
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP24BCx2376 1255.60
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP24BCx4752 2338.01

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