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Frescor Glass Juice Bottles

Budge glass juice bottles

Frescor glass juice bottles
Frescor glass juice bottles are one of our best selling ranges and you can probably see why. They're particularly popular in the health drinks market as they have a retro look and offer high quality at a budget price.

Glass Frescor bottles are suitable for fruit juices, detox drinks, milk and milkshakes, flavoured water, cooking sauces, infused oils, salad dressings, wedding favours and table centrepieces. They are compatible with our shrink sleeves too, so you can create a tamper evident seal to prevent contamination for the end user and give peace of mind.

Frescor bottles come with traditional twist off gold or silver lids. The lids are rubber lined which helping to preserve freshness and are suitable for acidic and vinegar based products.

Sizes available
200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre.

1 Litre Frescor Glass Juice Bottle & 48mm Black Twist Off Lid

1 litre, large clear glass juice bottle, comes complete with brushed black twist-off lid, rubber lined preventing leakage and preserving freshness.

This bottle gives your products the perfect vintage look. This bottle is ideal for storing juices, sauces, oils and much much more.
1 Litre Frescor Glass Juice Bottle & 48mm Black Twist Off Lid
Qty: 1G1LFRES-48BTOx1 1.00
Qty: 25G1LFRES-48BTOx25 23.98
Qty: 50G1LFRES-48BTOx50 45.78
Qty: 169G1LFRES-48BTOx169 147.39
Qty: 338G1LFRES-48BTOx338 280.04
Qty: 507G1LFRES-48BTOx507 397.95
Qty: 676G1LFRES-48BTOx676 501.13
Qty: 1183G1LFRES-48BTOx1183 825.38
Qty: 1352G1LFRES-48BTOx1352 884.33

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