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150ml (E) Clear Glass Jar & 53mm Gold Twist Off Lid

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150ml glass crew top jar

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Capacity 150ml
Neck size 53mm
Cap Type Twist Lid/ Rubber Lined
Weight 105g
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Jar Height 79.4mm
Height Incl. Lid 80.4mm
Width 58mm
Label Height 45mm
Box n/a
Pallet 10752

150ml small glass jar, comes complete with 53mm gold twist lid. Lid has rubber lining perfect for hot fill. Part of the Ampulla budget jar range. Sometime quality doesn't have to be expensive!

Compatible with 53mm twist closures and perfect for jams, marmalades, mustards, cooking sauces and more.

NB: 150ml is the brimful capacity

Qty: 1G150MLCEG-53GTOx1 0.30
Qty: 25G150MLCEG-53GTOx25 7.04
Qty: 50G150MLCEG-53GTOx50 13.74
Qty: 100G150MLCEG-53GTOx100 26.07
Qty: 250G150MLCEG-53GTOx250 61.64
Qty: 500G150MLCEG-53GTOx500 116.23
Qty: 1000G150MLCEG-53GTOx1000 218.38
Qty: 2500G150MLCEG-53GTOx2500 528.32
Qty: 5000G150MLCEG-53GTOx5000 1021.41
Qty: 10752G150MLCEG-53GTOx10752 1828.44

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