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Plastic Screw Top Jars 5ml - 500ml

Plastic jars with lids

Plastic screw top jars
We stock a large range of plastic screw top jars, available in both clear and natural plastic (PET, PVC & HDPE). Our jars are ideal for the storage, transportation and display of many products, such as powders, paints, tablets, granules, cosmetic creams, lotions, beauty products and pharmaceuticals. Many of these jars are food and pharmaceutical grade approved.

Sizes available
We stock the following jar sizes: 5ml, 6ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 65ml, 100ml, 150ml, 225ml, 250ml, 285ml, 300ml and 500ml.

Suitable for
Cosmetics, lip balms, eye creams/gels, bath and body products, polishes, waxes, creams and scrubs, foods, granules, spices, capsules, powders and much more.

400ml Solid Clear Round Plastic Bottle & 38mm Aluminium Screw Cap

Solid clear round 400ml plastic bottle with lined aluminium screw cap, to keep contents fresh and help prevent leakage. Made from food grade PET.

The wide neck of this plastic bottle makes it ideal for bath salts, thick lotions and even confectionery and other foods. The bottle will give a professional look to your luxury toiletries and cosmetic products, while also being a great wedding favour container.
400ml Solid Clear Round Plastic Bottle & 38mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1P512PTR0400x1 0.96
Qty: 25P512PTR0400x25 22.92
Qty: 50P512PTR0400x50 44.72
Qty: 100P512PTR0400x100 84.97
Qty: 180P512PTR0400x180 144.90
Qty: 360P512PTR0400x360 273.70
Qty: 720P512PTR0400x720 515.19
Qty: 1080P512PTR0400x1080 724.49
Qty: 1440P512PTR0400x1440 869.39

500ml Natural Plastic Jar & 100mm White Screw Lid

500ml (PP) plastic screw top jar and white ribbed (PP) 100mm screw lid (EPE lined). A natural looking plastic jar, allows product level to be seen.

This jar is suitable for a range of products, body butters and creams, hand lotions, pharmaceutical products, hair treatments and much more.
500ml Natural Plastic Jar & 100mm White Screw Lid
Qty: 1D8227N&P1063Wx1 0.81
Qty: 25D8227N&P1063Wx25 19.74
Qty: 50D8227N&P1063Wx50 38.47
Qty: 100D8227N&P1063Wx100 72.89
Qty: 240D8227N&P1063Wx240 165.22
Qty: 480D8227N&P1063Wx480 311.01
Qty: 960D8227N&P1063Wx960 583.14
Qty: 1200D8227N&P1063Wx1200 680.33
Qty: 1920D8227N&P1063Wx1920 1049.66
Qty: 2880D8227N&P1063Wx2880 1516.17

500ml Black Screw Top Jar (Sur) & 100mm Screw Lid

500ml black screw top jar with a gloss finish, made from high quality polypropylene (PP).

A strong, versatile plastic container, perfect for the health care and pharmaceutical industries, as well as cosmetics and craft products.

Please note: 500ml is the brimful capacity.
500ml Black Screw Top Jar (Sur) & 100mm Screw Lid
Qty: 1500MLBLKJAR-100Bx1 0.84
Qty: 15500MLBLKJAR-100Bx15 12.02
Qty: 50500MLBLKJAR-100Bx50 37.96
Qty: 100500MLBLKJAR-100Bx100 71.70
Qty: 240500MLBLKJAR-100Bx240 161.96
Qty: 480500MLBLKJAR-100Bx480 303.67
Qty: 960500MLBLKJAR-100Bx960 566.85
Qty: 1440500MLBLKJAR-100Bx1440 723.44
Qty: 2880500MLBLKJAR-100Bx2880 1393.30

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