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20ml Clear Screw Top Deep 'Craft' Jar and White Lid

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20ml Craft Jar and White Lid

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Type Plastic Craft Jar
Capacity 20ml
Weight 18g
Material Styrene-acrylonitrile resin
Jar Height 41.2mm
Jar Height With Lid 43.6mm
Diameter 34.2mm
Pack Size 200

Don't let the size of this 20ml plastic jar fool you. This jar is ideal for storing a range of small materials such as beads, glitter and much more.

Included in the price is a white screw top lid to ensure there is no leakage.

Qty: 120MLCDEEPJAR-Wx1 0.36
Qty: 2520MLCDEEPJAR-Wx25 8.57
Qty: 5020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx50 16.72
Qty: 10020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx100 31.76
Qty: 20020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx200 60.18
Qty: 40020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx400 113.67
Qty: 80020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx800 213.96
Qty: 160020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx1600 401.18
Qty: 320020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx3200 775.62
Qty: 1600020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx16000 3744.38
Qty: 3200020MLCDEEPJAR-Wx32000 7221.31

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