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10ml Clear Screw Top Deep 'Craft' Jar and Grey Lid

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10ml Jar With Grey Lid

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Capacity 10ml
Cap Type Grey (Soft Lilac) Screw on Lid
Weight 12g
Material Styrene-acrylonitrile resin
Colour Clear
Height with Cap 28mm
Height without Cap 27mm
Diameter 34mm

10ml Clear plastic Craft Jar comes complete with smooth Grey (Soft Lilac) plastic screw lid.

For cosmetics, eye shadows and glitters, nail transfers this jar is perfect. Lightweight and great for sending product samples

Qty: 110MLCDEEPJAR-Gx1 0.25
Qty: 2510MLCDEEPJAR-Gx25 5.94
Qty: 5010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx50 11.59
Qty: 10010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx100 22.02
Qty: 20010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx200 41.73
Qty: 40010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx400 78.83
Qty: 80010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx800 148.38
Qty: 160010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx1600 278.21
Qty: 320010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx3200 537.87
Qty: 1600010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx16000 2596.61
Qty: 3200010MLCDEEPJAR-Gx32000 5007.74

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