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Plastic Bottles - HDPE 750ml - 2L

large plastic bottles

Large plastic bottles
All bottles in this range are made from quality high density polyethylene (HDPE), resulting in a harder and stronger plastic than PET.

You'll find that these plastic bottles are perfect for many applications. The bottles come with a range of compatible closures, depending on how you wish to dispense your product.

Sizes available
750ml and 1 litre. Smaller sized bottles are available in our other categories.

HDPE is food graded, has a good resistance to chemicals and is commonly used for many household chemicals and detergents, oils, toiletries, health and beauty products, confectionery and foods.

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1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle (28mm Neck - No Cap)

Large 1 litre translucent plastic bottle, made from HDPE, which is a lightweight, robust and impact resistant plastic.

This is a food grade plastic bottle which has good chemical resistance. It is compatible with many 28mm closures and is a reliable bottle for use throughout many industries.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle (28mm Neck - No Cap)
Qty: 11lnatroundnocapx1 0.47
Qty: 251lnatroundnocapx25 11.19
Qty: 501lnatroundnocapx50 21.30
Qty: 961lnatroundnocapx96 38.80
Qty: 2881lnatroundnocapx288 110.10
Qty: 5761Lnatbottlex576nocap 207.63
Qty: 7681Lnatbottlex768nocap 260.06
Qty: 9601Lnatbottlex960nocap 304.10
Qty: 11521Lnatbottlex1152nocap 352.34
Qty: 15361Lnatbottlex1536nocap 453.00

1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White Screw Cap

1 litre plastic bottle, made from semi-transparent HDPE to enable fill level visibility. Comes with a standard white screw on cap.

HDPE is food grade approved, so this bottle is suitable for the bulk storage of foods. It also has good chemical and temperature resistance, making it a reliable choice for household chemicals and DIY products.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1 1000mlx1 0.56
Qty: 251000mlx25 13.41
Qty: 50 1000mlx50 25.50
Qty: 96 1000ml Pk96 46.46
Qty: 2881000ml Pk288 131.84
Qty: 5761000mlx576 248.60
Qty: 7681000ml x 768 311.38
Qty: 9601000ml x 960 364.11
Qty: 11521000mlx 1152 421.87
Qty: 15361000mlx 1536 542.41

1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm Black Screw Cap

Large 1 litre bottle, made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) - a lightweight yet strong plastic which is food grade approved and compatible with many chemicals. Comes with a black 28mm screw on cap.

A reliable packaging option for household chemicals, oils, lubricants, adhesives, paints, inks, dyes, detergents, toiletries and more.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm Black Screw Cap
Qty: 11LNATBOT28N/28BCx1 0.55
Qty: 251LNATBOT28N/28BCx25 13.21
Qty: 501LNATBOT28N/28BCx50 25.12
Qty: 961LNATBOT28N/28BCx96 45.77
Qty: 2881LNATBOT28N/28BCx288 129.86
Qty: 5761LNATBOT28N/28BCx576 244.89
Qty: 7681LNATBOT28N/28BCx768 306.73
Qty: 9601LNATBOT28N/28BCx960 358.68
Qty: 11521LNATBOT28N/28BCx1152 415.58
Qty: 15361LNATBOT28N/28BCx1536 534.31

1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White Flip Top Cap

Large 1 litre natural HDPE plastic bottle with flip up lid. Food grade approved, with good chemical and temperature resistance.

Our HDPE bottles are widely used throughout many industries. They are the reliable packaging option for many foods, toiletries, detergents, chemicals, oils, lubricants and paints.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White Flip Top Cap
Qty: 11LNR&Flipx1 0.64
Qty: 251LNR&Flipx25 15.29
Qty: 501LNR&Flipx50 29.08
Qty: 961LNR&Flipx96 52.97
Qty: 2881LNR&Flipx288 150.31
Qty: 5761LNR&Flipx576 283.45
Qty: 7681LNR&Flipx768 355.03
Qty: 9601LNR&Flipx960 415.15
Qty: 1152 1LNR&Flipx1152 481.00
Qty: 15361LNR&Flipx1536 618.43

1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm Natural Spout Cap

Large 1 litre plastic bottle with screw on spout cap, for the controlled dispensing of many different products.

Made from food grade HDPE, this is a strong yet lightweight plastic bottle which allows the product fill level to be seen.

The bottle can be used for sauces, syrups, dressings and flavourings. Alternatively it is suitable for glues, oils, lubricants, inks, dyes and paints, as well as chemical solutions.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm Natural Spout Cap
Qty: 11lSpout x 1 0.67
Qty: 251lSpout x 25 15.99
Qty: 501lSpout x 50 30.42
Qty: 961lSpout x 96 55.41
Qty: 2881lSpout x 288 157.25
Qty: 5761lSpout x 576 296.51
Qty: 7681lSpout x 768 371.39
Qty: 9601lSpout x 960 434.29
Qty: 11521lSpout x 1152 503.17
Qty: 15361lSpout x 1536 646.94

1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White Trigger Spray

Natural (translucent) round plastic bottle, 1 litre size. Comes with a screw on trigger spray head.

Ideal for all your chemical, household and industrial cleaning agents, car cleaning solutions, DIY products and much more.

The trigger spray head has a 250mm length thin dip tube which can be trimmed to the desired length.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1 1l/nat/trigg/1 0.82
Qty: 251l/nat/trigg/25 19.59
Qty: 501l/nat/trigg/50 37.28
Qty: 961l/nat/trigg/96 67.91
Qty: 2881l/nat/trigg/288 192.71
Qty: 5761l/nat/trigg/576 363.40
Qty: 7681l/nat/trigg/768 455.16
Qty: 9601l/nat/trigg/960 532.26
Qty: 11521l/nat/trigg/1152 616.68
Qty: 15361l/nat/trigg/1536 792.87

1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White CR Screw Cap

1 litre semi-transparent bottle (showing product fill level) with screw on child resistant cap. Handy for keeping potentially harmful products safe from children.

This is a food safe plastic bottle, which can be used for medicines, foods and drinks. Our HDPE bottles are also well suited to chemical solutions, cleaning detergents, speciality lubricants, oils, paints and toiletries.
1 Litre Natural HDPE Round Bottle & 28mm White CR Screw Cap
Qty: 1 1l/nat/crc/1 0.60
Qty: 251l/nat/crc/25 14.46
Qty: 501l/nat/crc/50 27.51
Qty: 96 1l/nat/crc/96 50.11
Qty: 2881l/nat/crc/288 142.18
Qty: 5761l/nat/crc/576 268.12
Qty: 7681l/nat/crc/768 335.83
Qty: 9601l/nat/crc/960 392.70
Qty: 11521l/nat/crc/1152 455.00
Qty: 15361l/nat/crc/1536 584.99

1L White HDPE Round Bottle (28mm Neck) - No Cap

1 Litre white round plastic bottle, made from quality HDPE plastic which is both lightweight, yet robust. The bottle has a 28mm neck, making this bottle compatible with many of our 28mm screw closures (We always advise a compatibility test).

HDPE offers a great moisture barrier, perfect for a range of solutions and products. Great for housing chemical cleaners, detergents, bath and beauty products, car care solutions, DIY cleaners etc and much more.
1L White HDPE Round Bottle (28mm Neck) - No Cap
Qty: 11LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx1 0.56
Qty: 251LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx25 13.25
Qty: 501LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx50 25.19
Qty: 961LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx96 45.90
Qty: 1921LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx192 86.83
Qty: 3841LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx384 163.74
Qty: 4801LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx480 192.27
Qty: 7681LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx768 287.78
Qty: 15361LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx1536 535.87
Qty: 30721LWHITEBOT28M-NoLidx3072 1032.03

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