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100ml Slim Clear Plastic Juice Bottle & 38mm Silver T/E Screw Cap (D)

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100ml Clear Plastic Juice bottle With Yellow Cap

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Name Slim Juice Bottle
Capacity 100ml
Brimful Capacity 125ml
Fill-Level Capacity 100ml
Material Polyethylene terephthalate
Closure 38mm T/E Cap
Triangle 1
Weight 16g
Height without cap 129mm
Body Height approx 80mm
Diameter 42mm
Pack Size -

Recyclable PET plastic 100ml Slim Juice bottle the clear plastic provides the perfect window to the product within, lightweight and shatterproof and a great alternative to glass.

The bottle comes with a tamper-evident, silver screw cap. Simply screwed on by hand. Once in place, the T/E band will need to be broken. A great way of ensuring your product stays safe from production to the destination.

Great for cold fill, ideal for smoothies, detox shakes, pressed fruits, iced teas and more.

Other sizes available throughout our Slim Juice bottle range. 150ml, 200ml, 250ml and 500ml

Qty: 1100MLPETJSLD-38SILx1 0.30
Qty: 25100MLPETJSLD-38SILx25 6.88
Qty: 50100MLPETJSLD-38SILx50 13.07
Qty: 100100MLPETJSLD-38SILx100 26.14
Qty: 250100MLPETJSLD-38SILx250 63.63
Qty: 715100MLPETJSLD-38SILx715 167.24
Qty: 1430100MLPETJSLD-38SILx1430 314.80
Qty: 2860100MLPETJSLD-38SILx2860 590.24
Qty: 5720100MLPETJSLD-38SILx5720 1101.79
Qty: 8580100MLPETJSLD-38SILx8580 1593.66

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