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50ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle (No Cap)

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50ml small glass bottle

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Bottle height
Product Clear Glass 'Simplicity' Bottle
Capacity 50ml
Weight 85g
Neck 24mm
Diameter 40.5mm
Bottle body Height 69mm
Label Guide 126mm x 60mm

Simple yet elegant, this 50ml clear glass bottle has a 24mm neck and is compatible with several of our 24mm closures.

Perfect for a range of products: Cosmetics, bath and body lotions, grooming and styling products. The bottle has a thick set base, which only goes to enhance the product within further. Showcase your products in style, add a simple label to make this bottle your own

Qty: 1G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx1 0.69
Qty: 25G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx25 16.98
Qty: 50G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx50 33.14
Qty: 100G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx100 63.05
Qty: 144G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx144 86.14
Qty: 288G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx288 162.96
Qty: 576G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx576 307.30
Qty: 1152G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx1152 577.37
Qty: 2376G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx2376 1113.99
Qty: 4752G50MLSIMP/NOCAPx4752 2074.33

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