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30ml Amber Glass Ointment Jar & 38mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

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30ml amber glass jar with black lid

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Capacity 30ml
Cap size 38mm
Cap Type Black urea screw on cap
Weight 53g
Material Glass
Colour Amber
Height 45mm
Diameter 38mm
Box Quantity 72

30ml amber coloured round glass jar, holds up to 30ml. Has a 38mm black screw top PVDC lined lid. The materials used to produce the black urea caps (EPE or PVDC) are free from Bisphenol A.

A multi-purpose jar, suitable for creams, balms, soaps, polishes and more. The amber glass helps to filter UV light, helping prolong your product shelf life.

Qty: 1aojar30x1 0.74
Qty: 25aojar30x25 17.03
Qty: 50aojar30x50 32.33
Qty: 72aojar30x72 54.73
Qty: 110aojar30x110 67.28
Qty: 144aojar30x144 81.98
Qty: 288aojar30x288 154.01
Qty: 504aojar30x504 260.82
Qty: 576aojar30x576 288.15
Qty: 1152aojar30x1152 556.42
Qty: 3456aojar30x3456 1609.64

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