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Glass Votives And Candle Making Jars

Glass Candle holders and perfume bottles

Glass candle making jars
Here you'll find an extensive range of glass votives in sizes to suit a range of candles and craft ideas. From our simple, yet stylish glass votives, to our heavy duty, professional classic glass candle jars, you're sure to find a container to suit you.

All our votives are manufactured from heavy duty clear glass, with thick bases, perfect for the stunning presentation of scented and coloured candles, wedding favours, shots, spirits and more.

5cl 'Gabrielle' Glass Votive

5cl 'Gabrielle' glass candle jar. Simple in design, thick walled clear glass votive with thick glass base.

Suitable for hot fill, making this an excellent choice for your candle creations.

Please note: will not fit a standard tealight.
5cl 'Gabrielle' Glass Votive
Qty: 1CBC5clGabx1 0.67
Qty: 25CBC5clGabx25 14.83
Qty: 50CBC5clGabx50 28.31
Qty: 100CBC5clGabx100 51.24
Qty: 144CBC5clGabx144 67.96
Qty: 288CBC5clGabx288 128.14
Qty: 576CBC5clGabx576 240.76
Qty: 1008CBC5clGabx1008 407.75
Qty: 2304CBC5clGabx2304 869.87
Qty: 4608CBC5clGabx4608 1677.58

8cl Glass Cube Vase

Stunning clear glass cube vase, thick superior quality glass. Perfect for creating table centrepieces.

The perfect size if you make your own candles, or an alternative to your usual shot glasses or dip container.

Click here for a product idea.
8cl Glass Cube Vase
Qty: 1G8CLMEDCUx1 1.35
Qty: 25G8CLMEDCUx25 32.87
Qty: 50G8CLMEDCUx50 64.05
Qty: 120G8CLMEDCUx120 149.67
Qty: 240G8CLMEDCUx240 283.16
Qty: 480G8CLMEDCUx480 533.95
Qty: 960G8CLMEDCUx960 1003.18
Qty: 2400G8CLMEDCUx2400 2346.15

10cl 'Conique' Glass Votive

Simple yet classic design 10cl quality made clear glass thick base votive.

A versatile little jar perfect for scented candles, wedding favours or a simple shot glass. This small glass is perfect for a range of projects.

Use in multiples to create stunning garden or table centre pieces.
10cl 'Conique' Glass Votive
Qty: 110cl'Conique'Votivex1 0.72
Qty: 1010cl'Conique'Votivex10 7.08
Qty: 2510cl'Conique'Votivex25 17.27
Qty: 5010cl'Conique'Votivex50 32.87
Qty: 10010cl'Conique'Votivex100 62.36
Qty: 25010cl'Conique'Votivex250 147.47
Qty: 37710cl'Conique'Votivex377 216.04
Qty: 75410cl'Conique'Votivex754 419.37
Qty: 150810cl'Conique'Votivex1508 787.92
Qty: 301610cl'Conique'Votivex3016 1474.17
Qty: 518710cl'Conique'Votivex5187 2360.46

20cl 'Karen' Glass Votive

20cl 'Karen' glass candle jar. Classic and simple in design, thick walled clear glass votive with thicker glass base.

Suitable for hot fill, making this an excellent choice for your candle creations or tealight holder.

Can be used as a drinks tumbler too.
20cl 'Karen' Glass Votive
Qty: 1Karen20clVotivex1 1.27
Qty: 25Karen20clVotivex25 27.81
Qty: 50Karen20clVotivex50 53.09
Qty: 72Karen20clVotivex72 69.17
Qty: 144Karen20clVotivex144 127.42
Qty: 288Karen20clVotivex288 240.28
Qty: 504Karen20clVotivex504 395.01
Qty: 1008Karen20clVotivex1008 764.52
Qty: 1152Karen20clVotivex1152 815.49
Qty: 2304Karen20clVotivex2304 1572.73

20cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive

Simple yet stylish 20cl Meredith glass votive. Quality made clear glass votive with thick (20mm approx.) base. Makes for the perfect candle jar.

Perfect for tea-lights or small votive candles make for the perfect container, where the need to add ambient lighting perfect for those summer evenings in the garden.
20cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive
Qty: 120cl'Meredith'Votivex1 1.09
Qty: 1020cl'Meredith'Votivex10 10.62
Qty: 2520cl'Meredith'Votivex25 25.91
Qty: 4020cl'Meredith'Votivex40 39.44
Qty: 8020cl'Meredith'Votivex80 74.83
Qty: 16020cl'Meredith'Votivex160 141.58
Qty: 32020cl'Meredith'Votivex320 266.98
Qty: 64020cl'Meredith'Votivex640 501.59
Qty: 128020cl'Meredith'Votivex1280 938.46
Qty: 240020cl'Meredith'Votivex2400 1638.27

30cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive

For scented candles, our quality glass votives are a must. This 30cl clear glass votive with heavy base (approx. 20mm thick) is no exception.

Add a modern and trendy look to your scented candle range, our votives can be used time and time again. Grouped together, they make the perfect wedding table centre piece.
30cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive
Qty: 130cl'Meredith'Votivex1 1.45
Qty: 1030cl'Meredith'Votivex10 14.16
Qty: 2530cl'Meredith'Votivex25 34.55
Qty: 4830cl'Meredith'Votivex48 63.11
Qty: 9630cl'Meredith'Votivex96 119.73
Qty: 19230cl'Meredith'Votivex192 226.52
Qty: 38430cl'Meredith'Votivex384 427.16
Qty: 76830cl'Meredith'Votivex768 802.55
Qty: 153630cl'Meredith'Votivex1536 1501.53
Qty: 201630cl'Meredith'Votivex2016 1834.85

30cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive With Steel Lid

If you're looking to take your handmade scented candles to market, finding a way to make your candles stand out from the rest can be tough. However, if your product looks good, that won't be a problem!

We can help your achieve the perfect finish with our 30cl clear glass votive and steel lid. This quality, thick based votive looks stylish and is perfect for adding a quality finish to your candles. It's perfect for wedding gifts, special anniversaries and more.

The steel lid pushes onto the jar - jars should NOT be picked up by the lid.
30cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive With Steel Lid
Qty: 130'Meredith'&Steelx1 4.53
Qty: 1030'Meredith'&Steelx10 44.24
Qty: 2530'Meredith'&Steelx25 107.98
Qty: 4830'Meredith'&Steelx48 197.20
Qty: 9630'Meredith'&Steelx96 374.17
Qty: 19230'Meredith'&Steelx192 707.90
Qty: 38430'Meredith'&Steelx384 1334.88
Qty: 76830'Meredith'&Steelx768 2507.96
Qty: 153630'Meredith'&Steelx1536 4692.30
Qty: 201630'Meredith'&Steelx2016 5733.92

38cl 'Islande' Glass Votive

38cl 'Islande' glass candle jar. Classic and simple in design, thick walled clear glass with thicker glass base.

Suitable for hot fill, making this an excellent choice for your candle creations or tealight holder.

Give your creations a touch of elegance with this beautifully crafted, crystal clear glass.
38cl 'Islande' Glass Votive
Qty: 1CBC5clIslax1 3.00
Qty: 25CBC5clIslax25 65.82
Qty: 36CBC5clIslax36 90.47
Qty: 72CBC5clIslax72 163.71
Qty: 108CBC5clIslax108 226.17
Qty: 252CBC5clIslax252 497.58
Qty: 504CBC5clIslax504 934.84
Qty: 1008CBC5clIslax1008 1809.37

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