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Food Presentation Packaging

Gourmet Food, Specialty & Event Packaging

Food presentation packaging
It's certainly true that many consumers judge the quality of their food by the packaging it arrives in. Ampulla's mission is to provide our customers with the most stylish, attractive and functional packaging with this in mind and our new gourmet range is no exception.

Available in both single and large quantities, you now have access to some of the food industry's most luxurious containers. This is a comprehensive range of presentation bowls, dishes and containers designed to enhance the appearance of your food products.

If elegant and professional is what you have in mind, then you really must try our 'style' range. Our extensive range includes:

Slate look platters
Perfect for fast moving caterers. Our platter lids have a unique clipping system, designed to ensure the lid remains securely in place, for extra peace of mind during transportation. The crystal clear lid also enhances the look of the food inside.

Shaped pots
These pots are made from quality polystyrene (PS) and are suitable for canapes, luxury desserts, specialised dips and more. Choose from cubic, round, octagonal or square shaped pots (some are available with lids). From clear plastic, to a green-tinted, mottled appearance, you're sure to find the right look for your product.

Event & wedding organisers
Wow your guests and potential customers with our speciality packaging. Suitable for wedding dinners, events, festivals, graduations, proms, restaurants, cafes and more. Show off your tasty treats in style!

The beauty of buying from Ampulla is that you only need to purchase the quantity that you need, as both single and bulk orders are welcome!

Our friendly staff are here to help: 0161 367 1414