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Caps And Closures

Caps And Closures

Caps And Closures To Fit All Our Jars And Bottles

If youve decided to buy our bottles and jars without caps and closures included, then we have them all right here for you to buy separately.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be reused, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately for your convenience. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Bottle Closures

We have a massive range of bottle closures that are compatible with many types of bottles, from our juice bottles to our medicine bottles. Closures in this category include flip top, disc top, spouts, pipettes, droppers, lotion pumps, trigger sprays, atomiser sprays and standard screw caps.

Jar Lids

Our jar lids are available in metal twist off and plastic screw on varieties. The metal twist off lids are suitable for use with our glass jam jars and come in a variety of bright colours and patterns, including red, gold, silver, gingham, honeycomb and plain white.

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28mm Black/Silver Lotion Pump (SN)

28mm elegant black and silver lotion pump. Pump can be locked to avoid usage during transportation.

Comes with a standard length dip tube of approx 180mm, which in some instances may need to be trimmed.
28mm Black/Silver Lotion Pump (SN)
Qty: 128mmbslpSNx1 0.76
Qty: 2528mmbslpSNx25 17.97
Qty: 5028mmbslpSNx50 35.07
Qty: 10028mmbslpSNx100 66.64
Qty: 25028mmbslpSNx250 157.83
Qty: 50028mmbslpSNx500 298.12
Qty: 100028mmbslpSNx1000 543.63
Qty: 250028mmbslpSNx2500 1227.55

28mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray (SN)

28mm black and silver atomiser spray cap with clear protective over cap.

Creates a fine mist application of product.

Comes with a standard length dip tube, which may need to be trimmed to fit some of our bottles.
28mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray (SN)
Qty: 128mmbsasSNx1 0.77
Qty: 2528mmbsasSNx25 18.17
Qty: 5028mmbsasSNx50 35.44
Qty: 10028mmbsasSNx100 67.34
Qty: 25028mmbsasSNx250 159.50
Qty: 50028mmbsasSNx500 301.27
Qty: 100028mmbsasSNx1000 549.38
Qty: 250028mmbsasSNx2500 1240.54
Qty: 300028mmbsasSNx3000 1443.99
Qty: 400028mmbsasSNx4000 1845.92

28mm/400 (R3) White CR Screw Cap

Child resistant screw top cap, 28mm R3.

A child-proof cap for medicine bottles and chemical bottles.
28mm/400 (R3) White CR Screw Cap
Qty: 128mm/400R3WhCRCapx1 0.20
Qty: 2528mm/400R3WhCRCapx25 3.80
Qty: 5028mm/400R3WhCRCapx50 7.22
Qty: 10028mm/400R3WhCRCapx100 13.68
Qty: 25028mm/400R3WhCRCapx250 33.25
Qty: 50028mm/400R3WhCRCapx500 64.61
Qty: 100028mm/400R3WhCRCapx1000 117.83
Qty: 135028mm/400R3WhCRCapx1350 148.79

28mm/400 (R3) White Screw Cap

28mm R3 white plastic screw top closure. Used on many of our pharmaceutical bottles.

A lined closure ensuring freshness and preventing leakage.
28mm/400 (R3) White Screw Cap
Qty: 128mm/400R3WhiteStCapx1 0.14
Qty: 2528mm/400R3WhiteStCapx25 2.77
Qty: 5028mm/400R3WhiteStCapx50 5.26
Qty: 10028mm/400R3WhiteStCapx100 9.99
Qty: 25028mm/400R3WhiteStCapx250 24.26
Qty: 50028mm/400R3WhiteStCapx500 47.14
Qty: 100028mm/400R3WhiteStCapx1000 85.95
Qty: 135028mm/400R3WhiteStCapx1350 108.55

28mm/410 Green/White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 green and white coloured plastic trigger spray head, with an on/off option.

A screw on plastic spray head cap with a thin tube length of 260mm. The tube can be trimmed to the desired length.
28mm/410 Green/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28GWx1 0.48
Qty: 25TRIGGER28GWx25 11.26
Qty: 50TRIGGER28GWx50 22.01
Qty: 100TRIGGER28GWx100 42.97
Qty: 250TRIGGER28GWx250 104.82
Qty: 450TRIGGER28GWx450 169.80
Qty: 900TRIGGER28GWx900 301.87
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28GWx1350 424.50
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28GWx1800 547.14
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28GWx2700 792.40
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28GWx4950 1297.09
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28GWx7200 1811.21
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28GWx10350 2495.13

28mm/410 Yellow/White Trigger Spray

28mm yellow and white trigger spray head with 3 nozzle settings - off, stream and spray.

Head comes complete with standard length dip tube which can be trimmed to desired length.
28mm/410 Yellow/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28YWx1 0.48
Qty: 25TRIGGER28YWx25 11.26
Qty: 50TRIGGER28YWx50 22.01
Qty: 100TRIGGER28YWx100 42.97
Qty: 250TRIGGER28YWx250 104.82
Qty: 450TRIGGER28YWx450 169.80
Qty: 900TRIGGER28YWx900 301.87
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28YWx1350 424.50
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28YWx1800 547.14
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28YWx2700 792.40
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28YWx4950 1297.09
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28YWx7200 1811.21
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28YWx10350 2495.13

28mm/410 Blue/White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 blue and white coloured plastic trigger spray head, for plastic bottles.

Has an on/off nozzle option and has a tube length of 260mm, which can be trimmed down to your desired length with scissors.
28mm/410 Blue/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28BWx1 0.48
Qty: 25TRIGGER28BWx25 11.26
Qty: 50TRIGGER28BWx50 22.01
Qty: 100TRIGGER28BWx100 42.97
Qty: 250TRIGGER28BWx250 104.82
Qty: 450TRIGGER28BWx450 169.80
Qty: 900TRIGGER28BWx900 301.87
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28BWx1350 424.50
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28BWx1800 547.14
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28BWx2700 792.40
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28BWx4950 1297.09
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28BWx7200 1811.21
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28BWx10350 2495.13

28mm/410 Red/White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 red and white plastic trigger spray head. Has an on and off nozzle option and has a thin dip tube with a length of 260mm.

The tube can be cut to your required length.
28mm/410 Red/White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28RWx1 0.48
Qty: 25TRIGGER28RWx25 11.26
Qty: 50TRIGGER28RWx50 22.01
Qty: 100TRIGGER28RWx100 42.97
Qty: 250TRIGGER28RWx250 104.82
Qty: 450TRIGGER28RWx450 169.80
Qty: 900TRIGGER28RWx900 301.87
Qty: 1350TRIGGER28RWx1350 424.50
Qty: 1800TRIGGER28RWx1800 547.14
Qty: 2700TRIGGER28RWx2700 792.40
Qty: 4950TRIGGER28RWx4950 1297.09
Qty: 7200TRIGGER28RWx7200 1811.21
Qty: 10350TRIGGER28RWx10350 2495.13

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