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Bulk Sacks (FIBCs)

Bulk bags group

Bulk Sacks and bags
Bulk industrial sacks, also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), have been designed for storing and transporting a range of dry materials.

Widely used by builders on construction sites, these large sacks are suitable for construction aggregate such as sand, gravel, stones and bricks. Farmers and gardeners will find the sacks equally as useful for composting or carrying seed, soil, rocks and wood chips.

Alternatively, FIBCs are suitable for use as recycling bins at home or work as they are easy to carry to recycling stations. The sacks can also be used for storing and carrying bulk animal feeds.

Our FIBCs are made from strong, 140gsm uncoated polypropylene fabric, complete with lifting loops for transportation. They're available in four different sizes, with capacity options of 40kg up to 1 tonne.

40kg Scaffold Bag

40kg capacity 'scaffold bag' measuring 45cm x 50cm. A strong industrial sack with carrying handles suitable for a wide range of building aggregate. Ideal for scaffold fittings, bricks, sand, gravel, stones, wood chips and more.

Can also be used for animal feed, gardening materials and recycling waste.
40kg Scaffold Bag
Qty: 1ScaffoldBagx1 3.58
Qty: 10ScaffoldBagx10 34.05
Qty: 25ScaffoldBagx25 80.65
Qty: 50ScaffoldBagx50 152.34
Qty: 100ScaffoldBagx100 286.75
Qty: 250ScaffoldBagx250 672.08
Qty: 500ScaffoldBagx500 1299.35
Qty: 1000ScaffoldBagx1000 2509.09
Qty: 1500ScaffoldBagx1500 369.22
Qty: 3000ScaffoldBagx3000 6989.61

120 Litre Garden Waste Sack

120 litre green garden waste sack, measuring 45cm x 45cm x 60cm, made from 140gsm uncoated green polypropylene fabric. Comes with 2 attached 19cm lifting loops and a tipping handle for ease of carrying.

This is a strong, heavy duty sack, suitable for carrying and storing a wide range of garden materials or compost. You can also use this bag to collect waste paper, plastic and glass bottles for recycling.
120 Litre Garden Waste Sack
Qty: 1GardenWasteSackx1 2.59
Qty: 10GardenWasteSackx10 24.58
Qty: 25GardenWasteSackx25 58.21
Qty: 50GardenWasteSack50 109.95
Qty: 100GardenWasteSackx100 206.96
Qty: 250GardenWasteSackx250 485.06
Qty: 500GardenWasteSackx500 937.79
Qty: 1000GardenWasteSackx1000 1810.91
Qty: 1500GardenWasteSackx1500 2619.35
Qty: 3000GardenWasteSackx3000 5044.68

1/2 Tonne Sack

Large, heavy duty, half tonne capacity sack, made from 140gsm uncoated polypropylene fabric. This FIBC measures 70cm x 70cm x 70cm and has 4 x 25cm lifting loops for ease of use.

Suitable for seed and fertilisers, composting, building aggregate, recycling materials, animal feed and more.
1/2 Tonne Sack
Qty: 11/2TonneSackx1 4.46
Qty: 101/2TonneSackx10 42.34
Qty: 251/2TonneSackx25 100.29
Qty: 501/2TonneSackx50 189.43
Qty: 1001/2TonneSackx100 356.57
Qty: 2501/2TonneSackx250 835.71
Qty: 6001/2TonneSackx600 1805.14
Qty: 12001/2TonneSackx1200 3476.57

1 Tonne Sack

Extra large FIBC sack, made from heavy duty 140gsm uncoated polypropylene fabric, with 4 x 30cm standard lifting loops. The sack measures 85cm x 85cm x 87cm.

This strong, reliable bulk sack is ideal for use in the building, agricultural, gardening and recycling industries. It's suitable for rocks, gravel, sand, bricks, seed, fertilisers, animal feed, composting and more.
1 Tonne Sack
Qty: 11TonneSackx1 5.24
Qty: 101TonneSackx10 49.75
Qty: 251TonneSackx25 117.82
Qty: 501TonneSackx50 222.55
Qty: 1001TonneSackx100 418.91
Qty: 2501TonneSackx250 981.82
Qty: 5001TonneSackx500 1832.73
Qty: 10001TonneSackx1000 3534.55
Qty: 20001TonneSackx2000 6807.27

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