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Atlas Cosmetic Glass Bottles

Cosmetic Glass Bottles Atlas

Cosmetic Glass Bottles

Our range of Atlas Bottles are small cosmetic glass bottles that have big possibilities! They are manufactured from high quality clear glass and come with a range of different caps to choose from. Our cosmetic glass bottles are strong and functional, yet stylish at the same time, making them suitable for packaging many types of health and beauty products. Whether you sell men's toiletries, aromatherapy solutions or luxury cosmetics, our small glass Atlas bottles are ideal.

Sizes Available

Our small cosmetic glass bottles are available in the following 3 sizes: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. This allows you to package the same product in 3 different sizes, targeting 3 different markets, without having to change the style of your bottles.

Cap Options

All of our Atlas Bottles are compatible with the following types of cap: aluminium screw cap, black screw cap, white screw cap, black trigger spray cap, white trigger spray cap, white lotion pump cap, white atomiser spray cap and black/silver atomiser spray cap. These cosmetic glass bottles are

Suitable Applications

Thanks to their compatibility with many types of cap, these attractive cosmetic glass bottles are suitable for many types of different products, including: aromatherapy oils, herbal remedies, hair sprays, body sprays, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, skin care lotions and more.

100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm Natural Mini Trigger Spray

100ml glass 'Atlas' bottle with natural 24mm plastic, mini trigger spray.

The ideal bottle and closure for fragrances, hair care and health and beauty products.

The spray head disperses liquid as a fine mist and can be locked to prevent accidental discharge in transit. Come with standard length (250mm) dip tube which can be trimmed to length.
100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm Natural Mini Trigger Spray
Qty: 1G100MLCATL24NTRIGx1 1.46
Qty: 25G100MLCATL24NTRIGx25 34.52
Qty: 50G100MLCATL24NTRIGx50 65.41
Qty: 134G100MLCATL24NTRIGx134 165.57
Qty: 268G100MLCATL24NTRIGx268 321.40
Qty: 536G100MLCATL24NTRIGx536 623.33
Qty: 1072G100MLCATL24NTRIGx1072 1207.69
Qty: 2144G100MLCATL24NTRIGx2144 2337.46
Qty: 4288G100MLCATL24NTRIGx4288 4363.28
Qty: 5092G100MLCATL24NTRIGx5092 4996.34
Qty: 9648G100MLCATL24NTRIGx9648 9116.13

100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm White Lotion Pump

100ml small glass lotion bottle with white plastic lotion pump.

The perfect combination if your product is too thick to pour. Ideal for soaps, creams, lotions, skincare products, cosmetics, crafts and more.

Lotion head comes with standard length sip tube, which will need to be trimmed prior to use.
100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm White Lotion Pump
Qty: 1G100MLCATL&WLPx1 1.41
Qty: 25G100MLCATL&WLPx25 33.52
Qty: 50G100MLCATL&WLPx50 63.52
Qty: 134G100MLCATL&WLPx134 160.78
Qty: 268G100MLCATL&WLPx268 312.11
Qty: 536G100MLCATL&WLPx536 605.30
Qty: 1072G100MLCATL&WLPx1072 1172.78
Qty: 2144G100MLCATL&WLPx2144 2269.89
Qty: 4288G100MLCATL&WLPx4288 4237.13
Qty: 5092G100MLCATL&WLPx5092 4851.89
Qty: 9648G100MLCATL&WLPx9648 8852.56

100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm White Atomiser Spray

100ml glass bottle with finger press atomiser spray head (has standard length dip tube), comes with protective clear plastic cap.

Ideal for throat sprays, fragrances, antiseptic sprays, healthcare and beauty products.
100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm White Atomiser Spray
Qty: 1G100MLCATL&WASx1 1.41
Qty: 25G100MLCATL&WASx25 33.52
Qty: 50G100MLCATL&WASx50 63.52
Qty: 134G100MLCATL&WASx134 160.78
Qty: 268G100MLCATL&WASx268 312.11
Qty: 536G100MLCATL&WASx536 605.30
Qty: 1072G100MLCATL&WASx1072 1172.78
Qty: 2144G100MLCATL&WASx2144 2269.89
Qty: 4288G100MLCATL&WASx4288 4237.13
Qty: 5092G100MLCATL&WASx5092 4851.89
Qty: 9648G100MLCATL&WASx9648 8852.56

100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray

Boost the look of your styling products with this 100ml clear glass bottle with black and silver look Atomiser spray and clear protective press on cap.

The perfect little bottle for fragrances, body spray, cosmetics, room fresheners, mens grooming and styling products plus more.
100ml Clear Glass Atlas Bottle & 24mm Black/Silver Atomiser Spray
Qty: 1G100MLCATL&BSASx1 1.47
Qty: 25G100MLCATL&BSASx25 35.01
Qty: 50G100MLCATL&BSASx50 66.35
Qty: 134G100MLCATL&BSASx134 167.92
Qty: 268G100MLCATL&BSASx268 325.96
Qty: 536G100MLCATL&BSASx536 632.18
Qty: 1072G100MLCATL&BSASx1072 1224.85
Qty: 2144G100MLCATL&BSASx2144 2370.67
Qty: 4288G100MLCATL&BSASx4288 4425.25
Qty: 5092G100MLCATL&BSASx5092 5067.30
Qty: 9648G100MLCATL&BSASx9648 9245.61

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