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Aluminium Bottles

Shop for aluminium bottles and closures

High Quality Brush-Effect Aluminium Bottles

Our range of aluminium bottles have an attractive brush-effect finish that offers a modern and stylish look for your products. The bottles are lined with epoxy/phenol formaldehyde (EPA) resin, ensuring that your products do not come into direct contact with the aluminium , which can alter the properties of certain products.

Our aluminium bottles are suitable for a wide range of products, including: creams, lotions, waxes, polishes, hair care products, household cleaning products, car care solutions and much more!

Sizes Available

We have a wide range of sizes available; from as small as 30ml, right up to 1 litre. Our aluminium bottles are available in the following sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 125ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml and 1 litre.

Compatible Caps

Our aluminium bottles can be used for a wide variety of products, thanks to their compatibility with a wide variety of caps. Caps compatible with these bottles include: standard screw caps, lotion pumps, atomiser and trigger sprays. Make sure to choose your closure depending how you wish your product to be dispensed.

Do you like the look of our aluminium range, but want to package a cream or wax based product? Check out our aluminium jars here.

50ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)

Luxury looking 50ml aluminium bottle, rust resistant. Bottle has 24mm neck, compatible with many of our 24mm screw top closures. Whether you need a pump, spray or pour. See our closure pages, for more details.

Suitable for a host of bath and body products, polishes and much more.
50ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)
Qty: 150mlAluBottlex1nocap 0.78
Qty: 2550mlAluBottlex25nocap 18.63
Qty: 5050mlAluBottlex50nocap 35.30
Qty: 10050mlAluBottlex100nocap 66.68
Qty: 20050mlAluBottlex200 125.52
Qty: 40050mlAluBottlex400 243.18
Qty: 80050mlAluBottlex800 470.67
Qty: 120050mlAluBottlex1200 682.47
Qty: 240050mlAluBottlex2400 1317.87
Qty: 360050mlAluBottlex3600 1906.21
Qty: 480050mlAluBottlex4800 2447.48

50ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap

50ml brushed aluminium bottle complete with EPE lined (prevents leakage and preserves freshness) cap.

An ideal container for polishes, hair products, beauty creams..
Give your product that extra wow!

Available to order from stock.
50ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu50mlsimpx1 0.90
Qty: 25Alu50mlsimpx25 21.17
Qty: 50Alu50mlsimpx50 40.11
Qty: 100Alu50mlsimpx100 75.76
Qty: 200 Alu50mlsimpx200 142.60
Qty: 400Alu50mlsimpx400 276.30
Qty: 800Alu50mlsimpx800 534.78
Qty: 1200Alu50mlsimpx1200 775.43
Qty: 2400Alu50mlsimpx2400 1497.31
Qty: 3600Alu50mlsimpx3600 2165.84
Qty: 4800Alu50mlsimpx4800 2780.84

50ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap

Luxury looking brushed aluminium screw top bottle, 24mm neck comes complete with white ribbed plastic EPE lined cap. The EPE prevents your product from leakage!

A sleek and modern looking brushed metal bottle, perfect for haircare, costmetics, and because these bottles wont rust, bath and body lotions too!
50ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu50mlsimpx1white 0.85
Qty: 25Alu50mlsimpx25white 20.21
Qty: 50Alu50mlsimpx50white 38.30
Qty: 100Alu50mlsimpx100white 72.33
Qty: 200Alu50mlsimpx200white 136.15
Qty: 400Alu50mlsimpx400white 263.78
Qty: 800Alu50mlsimpx800white 510.55
Qty: 1200Alu50mlsimpx1200white 740.30
Qty: 2400Alu50mlsimpx2400white 1429.54
Qty: 3600Alu50mlsimpx3600white 2067.72
Qty: 4800Alu50mlsimpx4800white 2654.87

50ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap

Luxury looking 50ml Aluminium bottle. A brushed look finish with 24mm neck, comes complete with black ribbed screw top cap. Cap is lined to prevent leakage.

A sleek, modern looking brushed metal bottle perfect for all your hair, bath and body lotions!
50ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu50mlsimpx1Black 0.87
Qty: 25Alu50mlsimpx25Black 20.52
Qty: 50Alu50mlsimpx50Black 38.88
Qty: 100Alu50mlsimpx100Black 73.45
Qty: 200Alu50mlsimpx200Black 138.26
Qty: 400Alu50mlsimpx400Black 267.87
Qty: 800Alu50mlsimpx800Black 518.46
Qty: 1200Alu50mlsimpx1200Black 751.77
Qty: 2400Alu50mlsimpx2400Black 1451.69
Qty: 3600Alu50mlsimpx3600Black 2099.77
Qty: 4800Alu50mlsimpx4800Black 2695.99

100ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)

Aluminium. Adding a touch of style and class to your product range.

This 100ml brushed look aluminium bottle, with 24mm neck is EPE lined, prividing protection for the inner product whilst ensuring the product within does not come in to direct contact with the aluminium.

This bottle is rust proof, making it perfect for a range of products including cosmetic applications, creams and lotions, car and household polishes and treatments etc.
100ml Aluminium Bottle (No Cap)
Qty: 1100mlAluBottlex1nc 0.95
Qty: 25100mlAluBottlex25nc 22.56
Qty: 50100mlAluBottlex50nc 42.68
Qty: 198100mlAluBottlex 198 149.71
Qty: 396100mlAluBottlex396 289.76
Qty: 594100mlAluBottlex594 420.15
Qty: 792100mlAluBottlex792 540.88
Qty: 990100mlAluBottlex990 661.61
Qty: 1584100mlAluBottlex1584 1043.13
Qty: 2376100mlAluBottlex2376 1506.75
Qty: 4752100mlAluBottlex4752 2828.04

100ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap

100ml aluminium bottle, brush effect finish (rust free) and comes with a standard 24mm EPE wadded aluminium cap.

Adding a touch of class to any product, suitable for cosmetics, waxes, face masks, exfoliates and household cleaning and polishing products.
100ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu100mlsimpx1 1.05
Qty: 25Alu100mlsimpx25 25.07
Qty: 50Alu100mlsimpx50 47.57
Qty: 198Alu100mlsimpx198 178.19
Qty: 396Alu100mlsimpx396 336.02
Qty: 594Alu100mlsimpx594 473.49
Qty: 792Alu100mlsimpx792 610.95
Qty: 990Alu100mlsimpx990 753.50
Qty: 1584Alu100mlsimpx1584 1181.17
Qty: 2376Alu100mlsimpx2376 1710.66
Qty: 4752Alu100mlsimpx4752 3299.12

100ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap

100ml Aluminium Bottle complete with black screw top cap (EPE lined) preventing leakage.

A brushed metal look bottle. Perfect for adding a modern look and feel to your range of mens toiletries and haircare products, tanning lotions and aftershave creams.
100ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Black Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alu100mlsimpblackx1 1.03
Qty: 25Alu100mlsimpblackx25 24.40
Qty: 50Alu100mlsimpblackx50a 46.16
Qty: 198Alu100mlsimpblackx198 161.93
Qty: 396Alu100mlsimpblackx396 313.42
Qty: 594Alu100mlsimpblackx594 454.46
Qty: 792Alu100mlsimpblackx792 585.04
Qty: 990Alu100mlsimpblackx990 715.75
Qty: 1584Alu100mlsimpblackx1584 1128.29
Qty: 2376Alu100mlsimpblackx2376 1654.83
Qty: 4752Alu100mlsimpblackx4752 3259.52

100ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap

Stunning look! 100ml Brushed aluminium bottle complete with 24mm white plastic ribbed screw top cap., cap is EPE lined helping to prevent leakage.

The perfect bottle for haircare and car care products, even bath and beauty products and cosmetics, because these bottles won't rust.
100ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1Alum100crcapx1 1.02
Qty: 25Alum100crcapx25 24.10
Qty: 50Alum100crcapx50 45.59
Qty: 198Alum100crcapx198 159.91
Qty: 396Alum100crcapx396 309.49
Qty: 594Alum100crcapx594a 448.05
Qty: 792Alum100crcapx792 577.73
Qty: 990Alum100crcapx990 706.69
Qty: 1584Alum100crcapx1584 1114.20
Qty: 2376Alum100crcapx2376 1609.40
Qty: 4752Alum100crcapx4752 3020.71

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