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Plastic Food Bowls & Sushi Trays

Sushi Trays & plastic buffet trays

Disposable plastic catering and takeaway containers
Finding the right container for your business can be tricky and in the food industry, the right packaging is essential when it comes to drawing in customers.

Our plastic food bowls and sushi trays are the perfect packaging solution for convenience foods, such as sushi, Chinese and Japanese meals, rice and pasta dishes, salads, finger foods, sandwiches, side dishes, desserts and more.

Our sushi trays come in black or maroon plastic, with clear press on lids, for optimal food display and the prevention of contamination. Our food bowls are made from an attractive combination of red and black plastic, with clear lids for display purposes and to protect food.

If you want robust containers with a professional look for your takeaway meals, look no further!

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