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Plastic Screw Top Jars 5ml - 1000ml

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Plastic jars with screw lids

Plastic screw top jars
We stock a large range of plastic screw top jars, available in both clear and natural plastic (PET, PVC & HDPE). Our jars are ideal for the storage, transportation and display of many products, such as powders, paints, tablets, granules, cosmetic creams, lotions, health and beauty products and pharmaceuticals. Many are food and pharmaceutical grade approved.

Sizes available
We stock the following jar sizes: 5ml, 6ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 65ml, 100ml, 150ml, 225ml, 250ml, 285ml, 300ml and 500ml.

Suitable for
Cosmetics, lip balms, eye creams/gels, bath and body products, polishes, waxes, creams and scrubs, foods, granules, spices, capsules, powders and much more.


5ml Clear Plastic Jar and White Screw Lid

5ml Clear Plastic Jar and White Screw Lid
5ml extra small clear plastic jar (diameter: 30mm, height: 16mm), with white screw on lid, the lid screws on securely ensuring your products do not spill, perfect for small volume samples and for adding a professional look and finish to your product.

A clear plastic jar allowing product colour to be seen, suitable for lip balms, creams, eyeshadows, glitters etc...The possibilities are endless!

May not be suitable for strong chemical use.
Qty: 15mlJar&Lidx1 0.16
Qty: 505mlJar&Lidx50 7.67
Qty: 255mlJar&Lidx25 3.93
Qty: 1005mlJar&Lidx100 14.57
Qty: 2505mlJar&Lidx250 34.50
Qty: 5005mlJar&Lidx500 65.17
Qty: 10005mlJar&Lidx1000 122.68
Qty: 20005mlJar&Lidx2000 230.03
Qty: 60005mlJar&Lidx6000 667.08
Qty: 120005mlJar&Lidx12000 1288.15
Qty: 200005mlJar&Lidx20000 2070.23
Qty: 240005mlJar&Lidx24000 2392.27

6ml Clear Screw Top Jar and White Lid

6ml Clear Screw Top Jar and White Lid
6ml clear plastic jar, with a white screw lid. The clear base allows the product to be seen, the lid screws on securely eliminating spillage and damage.

The 30mm diameter jar is made of polystyrene suitable for eye creams and glitters, lip and body balms, cosmetics etc.

Please note: This container may not be water tight and is more suited to creams and powders.

Not suitable for strong chemical use.
Qty: 1PK 1 H9306CL/C9306W 0.17
Qty: 50PK 50 H9306CL/C9306W 7.99
Qty: 100 PK 100 H9306CL/C9306W 15.18
Qty: 250PK 250 H9306CL/C9306W 35.94
Qty: 500 PK 500 H9306CL/C9306W 67.89
Qty: 1000PK 1000 H9306CL/C9306W 127.79
Qty: 2500PK 2500 H9306CL/C9306W 299.51
Qty: 5000PK 5000 H9306CL/C9306W 579.06
Qty: 3000PK 3000 H9306CL/C9306W 359.41
Qty: 7500PK 7500 H9306CL/C9306W 868.59
Qty: 15000PK 15000 H9306CL/C9306W 1617.37
Qty: 10000PK 10000 H9306CL/C9306W 1118.18
Qty: 20000PK 20000 H9306CL/C9306W 2076.62

10ml Clear Plastic Jar & White Screw Lid

10ml Clear Plastic Jar & White Screw Lid
10ml clear bottomed plastic cosmetic jar complete with white plastic lid. A simple way to create a professional look and finish to your product.

Perfect for use as a lip balm container, or as a glitter gel pot.
Also suitable for powders too, making this ideal for craft materials, beads and glitters.

Not suitable for liquids or strong chemicals, as the white screw on lid is not watertight.

Qty: 1PK1 H8752CL/C8752W 0.24
Qty: 25PK25 H8752CL/C8752W 5.81
Qty: 50 PK50 H8752CL/C8752W 11.34
Qty: 100 PK100 H8752CL/C8752W 21.55
Qty: 250 PK250 H8752CL/C8752W 51.04
Qty: 500PK500 H8752CL/C8752W 96.40
Qty: 1176PK1176 H8752CL/C8752W 213.40
Qty: 2352PK2352 H8752CL/C8752W 400.13
Qty: 10584PK10584 H8752CL/C8752W 1680.55
Qty: 14112PK114112 H8752CL/C8752W 2160.70

15ml Clear Plastic M H Jar and White Screw Lid

15ml Clear Plastic M H Jar and White Screw Lid
15ml clear thick walled plastic screw top jar complete with brilliant white screw top lid, jar has curved bottom, perfect for ensuring every last bit of product is used.

The perfect little jar with lots of uses, suitable for a range of products: cosmetics, eye gels, face paints & glitters, face and wrinkle creams, lip balms and much, much more.
Qty: 1H8716CL/C8720Wx1 0.44
Qty: 25H8716CL/C8720Wx25 10.36
Qty: 50H8716CL/C8720Wx50 19.64
Qty: 100H8716CL/C8720Wx100 37.09
Qty: 250H8716CL/C8720Wx250 87.27
Qty: 500H8716CL/C8720Wx500 163.64
Qty: 1000H8716CL/C8720Wx1000 305.45
Qty: 2500H8716CL/C8720Wx2500 736.36
Qty: 5000H8716CL/C8720Wx5000 1418.18

20ml Natural Paint Pot & White T/E Push On Lid

20ml Natural Paint Pot & White T/E Push On Lid
20ml natural polypropylene (PP) plastic paint pot. Comes with hinged white tamper evident cap, which is made from polyethylene.

Translucent, allowing the product fill level to be seen. Can be used for glue, paint, ink and more.
Qty: 1B1859&lidx1 0.20
Qty: 50B1859&lidx50 9.26
Qty: 100B1859&lidx100 17.60
Qty: 250B1859&lidx250 41.69
Qty: 500B1859&lidx500 78.75
Qty: 1550B1859&lidx1550box 229.77
Qty: 3100B1859&lidx3100 430.82
Qty: 4650B1859&lidx4650 624.69
Qty: 6200B1859&lidx6200 804.20
Qty: 9300B1859&lidx9300 1163.21
Qty: 18600B1859&lidx18600pallet 2240.26

20ml Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar and Clear Screw Lid

20ml Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar and Clear Screw Lid
Thick walled 20ml clear plastic jar which comes with clear screw on cap.

A small compact container, great for packaging your latest cosmetic line and the neat clear jar allowing the fabulous colours of your product to be seen and the clear lid show cases the product within beautifully.

Suitable for lip balms, beauty creams, powders and more.
Qty: 1H8721CL&lidx1 0.39
Qty: 50H8721CL&lidx50 18.05
Qty: 100H8721CL&lidx100 34.30
Qty: 250H8721CL&lidx250 81.23
Qty: 500H8721CL&lidx500 153.43
Qty: 1000H8721CL&lidx1000box 288.81
Qty: 3000H8721CL&lidx3000 812.28
Qty: 5000H8721CL&lidx5000 1308.67
Qty: 6000H8721CL&lidx6000 1516.25
Qty: 12000H8721CL&lidx12000pallet 2924.21

25ml Clear Plastic Jar & 33mm Black Screw Lid

25ml Clear Plastic Jar & 33mm Black Screw Lid
25ml retro plastic jar, complete with black screw top cap.

The jar can be used for paints, powders, gels and creams for a wide range of applications. Perfect for craft supplies (glitters and glues).

Please Note: Made from polystyrene, it may not be suitable for strong/harsh chemicals.
Qty: 1 R3010CL/C1051W PK1 0.42
Qty: 25R3010CL/C1051WPK25 9.97
Qty: 50R3010CL/C1051W PK50 19.46
Qty: 100 R3010CL/C1051W PK100 35.99
Qty: 250 R3010CL/C1051W PK250 85.12
Qty: 504R3010CL/C1051W PK504 156.90
Qty: 1008 R3010CL/C1051W PK1008 284.37
Qty: 6048 R3010CL/C1051W Pall6048 1588.57

30ml Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar and Clear Screw Lid

30ml Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar and Clear Screw Lid
30ml clear plastic, thick walled jar
and screw top cap.

A neat jar, showing off your product
colour with heightened visibility.

Suitable for creams, balms, gels,
glitters, eye-shadows and more.
Qty: 1H8730CL&Lidx1 0.52
Qty: 25H8730CL&Lidx25 10.25
Qty: 50H8730CL&Lidx50 19.63
Qty: 100H8730CL&Lidx100 36.65
Qty: 250H8730CL&Lidx250 82.89
Qty: 640H8730CL&Lidx640 201.03
Qty: 1280H8730CL&Lidx1280 368.56
Qty: 2500H8730CL&Lidx2500 698.06
Qty: 5000H8730CL&Lidx5000 1352.48
Qty: 9720H8730CL&Lidx9720 2329.02
Qty: 10000H8730CL&Lidx10000q 2329.02

Ampulla Refunds A full credit will be given for plastic storage containers, bottles and accessories returned which are found to be faulty or not matching the description of goods ordered. Refunds will be offered on any goods not delivered within 28 days.

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