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Plastic Buckets and Pails

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plastic buckets

Plastic Buckets
Ampulla stock a vast range of plastic buckets. Manufactured by some of Europes leading plastic packaging specialists. Made from only the best food grade Polypropylene (PP) and produced under continuos quality control. Ensures all our buckets are robust and guarantee your products are well protected against many outside influences and contamination. Our bucket range offers maximum stacking possibilities, with many tamper evident, ensuring confidence in both you as a user and your customers receiving your product safe and secure. From the commonly shaped round bucket to the space saving square buckets, there's a bucket in our collection to suit every business need.

Bucket Sizes Available
1L, 2.5L Rectangle Bucket, 2.5L, 5L, 10L, 10L Square Bucket, 10.3L, 10.4L, 12L, 16L, 16L Rectangle Bucket, 17L Uncertified plastic bucket, 18L, 20L, 20.5L, 25L, 30L Wide side grip handle bucket, 30l Fermentation Bucket.

Bucket Applications
All our buckets are food grade approved and suitable for powders, pastes, paints, gardening products, toiletries, household products, diy products, home brewing, fishing baits, household storage and much more

Bucket Options
There are a choice of colours available, with the options of plastic or metal handles too.

For bulk orders on plastic buckets. Visit our trade site Amphorea Packaging


30L White Plastic Bucket with Side Grips (No Lid)

Qty: 25HoffB30/NoLidx25 108.75
Qty: 50HoffB30/NoLidx50 214.52

Lid (to fit 20.5 litre white bucket)

Qty: 10bucklid20.5x10 11.84
Qty: 50bucklid20.5x50 48.56

1ltr Black Pot and Black Lid

1ltr Black Pot and Black Lid
1 Litre black bucket comes with push-on lid, used together with the pot creates a tamper proof seal. The bucket tab must then be broken for the lid to then be removed.

Made from PP plastic, resulting in a shatterproof, lightweight container, perfect for food stuffs, chemical powders, polishes, confectionary, craft and DIY products.
Qty: 1BUCKDIJK1BLKx1 0.66
Qty: 10BUCKDIJK1BLKx10 6.44
Qty: 25BUCKDIJK1BLKx25 15.27
Qty: 50BUCKDIJK1BLKx50 28.90
Qty: 100BUCKDIJK1BLKx100 54.49
Qty: 250BUCKDIJK1BLKx250 132.09
Qty: 312BUCKDIJK1BLKx312 159.70
Qty: 624BUCKDIJK1BLKx624 309.10
Qty: 1248BUCKDIJK1BLKx1248 597.59
Qty: 2496BUCKDIJK1BLKx2496 1153.97
Qty: 3024BUCKDIJK1BLKx3024 1348.15
Qty: 6048BUCKDIJK1BLKx6048 2596.43

1L White Round Plastic Pot and Lid

1L White Round Plastic Pot and Lid
1 litre (1000ml) white plastic bucket/pot, complete with tamper evident lid. Lid pushes on to create a tamper proof seal. Tab must then be broken for the lid to be removed.

Suitable for non-hazardous chemicals, food stuffs, confectionary, powders, polishes and more

Made from polypropylene copolymer (PPC).

There are 3744 of these pots on a full pallet.
Qty: 1DIJ/B1L1 0.76
Qty: 10DIJ/B1L10 7.03
Qty: 25DIJ/B1L25 16.26
Qty: 50DIJ/B1L50 31.63
Qty: 100DIJ/B1L100 61.50
Qty: 200DIJ/B1L200 119.48
Qty: 378DIJ/B1L378 219.17
Qty: 756DIJ/B1L756 415.80
Qty: 1134DIJ/B1L1134 597.77
Qty: 3024DIJ/B1L3024 1328.39
Qty: 4536DIJ/B1L4536 1912.90

1L White Round Plastic Pot and Lid (Bulk)

1L White Round Plastic Pot and Lid (Bulk)
Qty: 9072AmpbulkWRpotx9072 3409.56

1L White Plastic Bucket, Handle and Lid

1L White Plastic Bucket, Handle and Lid
1 Litre (1000ml) white plastic bucket/ plastic pot, complete with handle and tamper evident lid, adding extra reassurance to both you and your customers.

Suitable for food products, non-hazardous chemicals, confectionary, powdered products, detergents, cleaning creams and more.
Qty: 1 HOFF/B1L1 0.66
Qty: 10 HOFF/B1L10 6.07
Qty: 25 HOFF/B1L25 14.03
Qty: 50 HOFF/B1L50 27.32
Qty: 100 HOFF/B1L100 53.12
Qty: 200HOFF/B1L200b 103.00
Qty: 300HOFF/B1L300 150.23
Qty: 500 HOFF/B1500 227.63
Qty: 1000 HOFF/B1L1000 364.20
Qty: 2000 HOFF/B1L2000 728.42
Qty: 4000 HOFF/B1L4000 1456.83

1L White Plastic Bucket, Handle and Lid (Bulk)

1L White Plastic Bucket, Handle and Lid (Bulk)
Qty: 8000ampbulkRBuckHandx8000 2596.66

2.5L Rectangle White Plastic Bucket, Metal Handle and Lid

2.5L Rectangle White Plastic Bucket, Metal Handle and Lid
2.5 Litre plastic rectangle bucket made from quality first class copolymers, ensures quality as standard. Bucket comes with tamper evident lid and robust metal handle with gripper handle at no extra cost.

A robust bucket, simple to stack and a better use of warehouse space due to the shape. there's a larger point of sale display area too, perfect for your company branding labels.

Suitable for both food and non-food products. Excellent for paints and varnishes.

There are 1050 of these buckets on a pallet.
Qty:1DIJ/2.5LRECTx1 2.03
Qty:10DIJ/2.5LRECTx10 18.85
Qty:25DIJ/2.5LRECTx25 44.77
Qty:50DIJ/2.5LRECTx50 84.82
Qty:100DIJ/2.5LRECTx100 155.50
Qty:250DIJ/2.5LRECTx250 376.98
Qty:500DIJ/2.5LRECTx500 659.73
Qty:1050DIJ/2.5LRECTx1050 1236.99
Qty:2100DIJ/2.5LRECTx2100 2375.02

Ampulla Refunds A full credit will be given for plastic storage containers, bottles and accessories returned which are found to be faulty or not matching the description of goods ordered. Refunds will be offered on any goods not delivered within 28 days.

Our friendly staff are here to help: 0161 367 1414

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